Mikhail Odintsov won the PFL Lightweight Qualifier Series tournament in Ekaterinburg.

Belarusian fighter Mikhail Odintsov won the PFL lightweight qualifier series, which took place today in Ekaterinburg. RCC became the partner of the American promotion in Russia, and the show was called «RCC: Road to the PFL».

This victory gave Odintsov the opportunity not only to increase in rankings, but also a contract to compete in the 2020 PFL season. Odintsov's opponents in the show were Vladislav Shabanov and Timur Nagibin. He met with the first one in the semifinal, with the second one in the final, which had the status of the main fight of the evening.

The final was full of events - at first in one of the attacks Nagibin kicked the opponent in the groin, then Odintsov grossly violated the rules by kicking his knees hard into the spine. It took Nagibin a large amount of time to recover: at some point it seemed that he could not feel his legs, but after a while he still continued the bout.

Obviously, this episode had a negative impact on the Russian fighter - Nagibin was not so actively moving forward, and most of the meeting was held on the floor behind the advantage of the fighter from Belarus. After a short discussion the judges by unanimous decision gave the victory to Odintsov.

Immediately after the battle, PFL President Ray Sefo welcomed Odintsov and thanked RCC for the partnership and collaboration.